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CH Stonerivers Something Special ML

aka "Sophie"


Sire:  CH Rose Farms Millenium Special ML aka "Dillon"  


Dam: CH Luv On Dasans Lah Tee Dah ML 


Sophie is CO-Owned with Sue Acklin

CH Acklaims Can't Touch ML



DCA #3 Top Producing Longhair Bitch

ROMX 2015


Sire: CH Stonerivers Second To None ML

Dam: CH Stonerivers Something Special ML


Sashay currently resides at Stoneriver

and is owned by Dr. Shan Jumper & Vicki Stone

CH Creamridge Stonerivers Candy Girl MLCC

aka "Sugar"


Sire: Stoneriver Creamridge It's No Time Like Show Time MLC

aka "Carson"


Dam: CH Acklaims Can't Touch This ML

aka "Sashay"


Sugar won this 5 point Major at the Grayslake Hound Specialty she also went Best Hound in Sweeps

Thank You Dr. Ron Spritzer


Sugar will reside back Stoneriver



Ruby Creamridge Stonerivers

Spice Girl ML

Sire: Stoneriver Creamridge It's No Time Like Show Time MLC

aka "Carson"


Dam: CH Acklaims Can't Touch This ML

aka "Sashay"


Stoneriver Creamridge's

Something Special ML 

aka "Packer"



Sire: CH Stonerivers Xtra Special ML aka Garrett

Dam: CH Acklaims Can't Touch This ML

aka "Sashay"


CH Luv On Dasan's Lah Tee Dah ML aka "Lottie"


Sire: Garlyn's Faithful Johan ML

aka "Joey"


Dam: CH Luv On's Black In A Flash SL

aka "Zesta"

CH Stonerivers Poetry In Motion @ Peachcreek ML

aka "Kira" 


Sire: AM/CANBISSCH Stonerivers Touch Of Wagsmore ML


Dam: CH Stonerivers Something Special ML

Kira finished her Championship at the same specialty show as her half brother Jackson aka Grand CH Stonerivers Talk Of The Town ML

Kira resides at Divinedachs



CH Wagsmore Reminiscent



Sire: CH Glenavans Acclaim ML


Dam: Sunturas Shazam ML

GRCH Stonerivers Glamour Girl ML aka "April" 


Sire:  Grandgables Lovin Spoonful ML 

aka "Gillian"  

Has Both Majors


Dam:  CAN CH Stoneleigh's It's Showtime  aka "Tux"


AM/CAN CH Stonerivers Society Page ML aka "Paige" 


Sire: GRCH Stonerivers Talk Of The

Town ML  aka "Jackson"

Dam: Stonerivers Creamridge Classic MLC


Owned by Dr. Shan Jumper and Micheal Cassello.  Paige is out with Dr. Shan Jumper and in her first specialty show acquired a 4 point MAJOR!  In Canada New CAN CH Paige is now owned by Divinedachs




CANCH Stonerivers Just One Look ML aka "Bug"


Sire: AM/CANBISSCH Stonerivers Touch of Wagsmore ML aka "Face" 


Dam: CH Wagsmores Reminiscent aka "Phoebe"

CH Golden Days Casmir ML

aka "Mira"


Sire:  Ch Stonerivers Second To None MLCC


Dam: CH Wagsmore Cashmere ML



AM/CANCH Stonerivers Summer Breeze MS

aka "Summer" 


Sire:  CH Stonerivers X tra Special ML aka "Garrett" 


Dam:  Kinders Ocean Breeze MS

aka " Breeze Way" 

Major Pointed 



~Our Specal Story About Our Girl Summer~


Summer achieved her CAN CH as a young girl she came home after 3 yrs and started her AM CH all though Summer had completed her AM CH until AKC records showed she was one point short . While trying to attain that elusive 1 point Summer had a terrible accident in a collision with a Rottweiler . She was not attacked but run over by the bigger dog taking out her hind leg and back. For many months we did all we could to stop the swelling and rest her leg to no avail after swimming her and more treatment acupuncture etc., I decided I could not let her go on in that condition and made the sickening decision to let her go. The next morning my sister screamed for me to come downstairs Summer was up on her feet and trying to walk I was shocked so no vet trip today. Story is we continued to strengthen her and took her back out at 5 yrs old and got her last point. A HUGE Thank You to Judge Susan St John Brown who loved her so much she finished this SPECIAL Girl.

We all have one in our lifetime sometimes more this Girl was mine................


CH Sybil V Rosan Hill MS






CH Stoneivers Sunshine Girl MS

aka "Sunni"


Sire: CH Bierstadt's Oliver Han Jo MS 


Dam: CH Luv on Dassan's Lah Tee Dah ML 


Sunni is the second champion Stoneriver bred. 




Stonerivers Autumn Breeze MS



Sire: Ch Stonerivers Second To None ML aka "Forrest"

Dam: Kinders Ocean Breeze MS



Stoneriver's Ladies

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