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More Testimonials

Hi Vicki,


Stonerivers Snowman MLC BN CGC The sweetest, kindest boy ever. He never barks!!! His training is going very well. What a beauty you bred!! I hope all is well xxx 





Hi Vicki,


Puppy is doing wonderful.  Lovely, happy, playful, friendly.  What more could I ask for?  Noughta.  She is everything I hoped for!


Thank you so much!!



Doxn Daze Dachshunds



Hey Vickie!


Everything's going great, we had a wonderful Thanksgiving, I hope you all did as well. I would LOVE another puppy, but Brian has other ideas lol, but I am working on him lol. James is perfect, I wouldn't change one thing about him he's so well behaved, I've never had a dog who listens as well as he does.


Everyone he comes in contact with just loves him. Here's a few pics, I'll try to take some better ones tomorrow! I hope all is well with you and your family!




Hi Vicki,


Puppy is doing great! She is just lovely and perfect and sweet and funny. Loves everyone and not afraid of anything. I have not decided on a name yet...






We are looking forward to the arrival of our new pup! Please confirm you got the wire.

How soon should we take him to our Vet? I am guessing you will be sending him with shot records and some food? I will buy some Royal Canine food tonight at petsmart. I welcome any suggestions on potty training etc that may get us off to a good start. Thanks again and we look forward to our Stone River Dachshund!



Hi Vicki,


I'm going to be taking Honey to the vet today around 11:45 / 2:45 your time  to get her shots . Will you be available if we call from there?  I have to tell you she is so spoiled rotten already ! Brieanna was ecstatic
Christmas morning  She is such a joy , my entire family has fallen in love.  Even my 20 and 24 year old sons fight for time with her, lol 
Sending you a few pictures soon!



Hi Vicki,


I hope your new year has started out great. Our little Christmas gift has been such a bundle of joy. I wanted to send you a pic of Brieanna and Honey on Christmas Day. Brieanna was beyond excited , Honey has been such a blessing,although I must admit she has the entire family catering to her... she is spoiled rotten! Every-time she whimpers someone picks her up , so of course she doesn't think her feet are supposed to hit the ground!! We are all in love.  


She is very smart and attentive and learns quickly although she can be a little mischievous at times lol! Dragging all my shoes and undergarments into the living room! 

 It's been a long time since we've had a baby of any kind around.   My favorite time is In the morning when she wakes each one of us up with morning kisses and so much excitement, as if she hasn't seen us in a year, it warms our heart and makes our day!   Our vet said she was beautiful and perfect, thanks so much for all your last minute help to ensure she got here safely and on time. 



The James family

Santa Clarita, Ca.

Hi Vickie,


Just thought I would send a recent picture of my Skipper.  You named him Daniel's Lord of the Port.  He's both for sure.

We are living at Higgins Lake now.  He loves to sail and swim.  Can't do either right now but Spring is coming.  He will be 2 next month.  He's been a great dog with the best temperament and every best quality a dog could have.  I couldn't
be happier with him.


We both wish you a Happy New Year!

Dan Lochner and Skipper



Stephen.... How would you say your experience purchasing Archie was for you??? 


Good afternoon,


The puppy is doing great. He is getting along splendidly with our older dog and he is scheduled for his next set of shots tomorrow morning.  I would say my experience was very good.


I am attaching a picture of our Corgi, Finlay, and the puppy, Archie, together. 


Stephen Fort

Hi Vicki! Isabella competes on Feb 16 Ice Dance Short Dance and Feb 17 Ice Dance Free Dance. I don't know if NBC will show all the couples but check online because there are NBC affiliates that may show all the couples on the computer. George is doing great. He is the sweetest boy. And the most beautiful. He's looking a lot like Carson. Best regards Maddie

We just LOVE our new Stoneriver babies!!! They are so precious & fit right in with the rest of our menagerie. You guys have done a great job with them! They are a truly a "testament" to your selective breeding program!!!


We braved the bitter & cold to make a weekend trip to Newaygo, MI for our new babies. Thanks to Vicki Stone and Greg for a wonderful time & for breeding such awesome miniature longhaired dachshunds!!!

Dear Vicki,


We are enjoying Pippa so much. She's such a sweet heart! I want to commend you on the job you've done with her to date. For a puppy she seems bright and attentive. She sleeps well, plays hard, sniffs everywhere. She seems brave and friendly already.


The pack has taken her in and are already playing together. Thank you for investing time in loving and teaching her even though you knew she would live with us. I could never ask for better.


Kind regards, Holly

Hi Vicki,


Was going to call you some time today, but will answer your email instead.  He is at this moment in his doggy bed here in the kitchen where we are having our coffee.  I have to say he was an angel after his first couple of howls, by the time we arrived home he was sleeping on my lap

laying on his back,paws up completely relaxed, amazing!


He does "talk" a bit I must say he is the best pup I have ever brought home,mostly kept our own and that includes them. Plays with us both and by himself with all his toys. Tail wagging, retrieving his toys,etc. learning the piddle pads because of the weather outside is yet impossible, that will come. We drove to Ft. Wayne to buy food and he rode along in his crate,absolutely perfect,no car sickness again amazing!  If he holds together he will be very nice,also had a bath experience,eats well so far.  I think his call name will be Dandy or Howie,registered maybe,The Spotlights on Me,or Meant To Be, or I'm A Dandy.


Thanks for a great little guy, Hannelore and Laura 

 I just wanted to let you know that our little girl is doing great!! She has transitioned very well. She is just the best little baby!


She thinks she is a German Shepherd and steals our German Shepherd's toys and then takes off. We built her a ramp to get up on the couch and she does her little run around the house and then flies up on the couch to the safety of my lap. She is hilarious! Thank you so much for our precious little girl!

Celia Owens 

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