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Hi Vicki - just wanted to say how very happy we are with Gracie Bubbles (Stoneriver's Creme Delight MLC) and send you a couple of recent photos. Gracie is 4 now and came from Lace and Nicky. She is an amazing little dog with such a gentle spirit, and very smart too! I've had dachshunds my entire life, but never one with as sweet of a disposition as Gracie, not to mention the fact that she's gorgeous!


I'm so happy that we found you and Stoneriver Dachshunds. It's been a blessing and Gracie has brought so much joy to our lives that we can't wait for our next baby from Stoneriver! So excited that we're able to add to our family with a half-brother of Gracie. We've been so happy dealing with you, Vicki, that we are sure to come to you always when we're ready to add to the pack! You've been great and you certainly breed some amazing dachshunds. Thank you!!

Vicki is the most helpful and experienced person I know with mini dachshunds! She is very helpful with anything you ask of her. Vicki gave me a wonderful opportunity with Grand Ch. Stoneriver's for Keenose Rumor Has It With Lilac Lanes, and he finished quickly, then went on to finish his Grand with some pretty nice wins! Last year he was #1 Smooth Dachshund in Michigan. Vicki was also very helpful in providing some of the food as well prepared many good things for our Midwest Dachshund club luncheon. 


She later used her rented club car to help others get from one place and another during the show including a lady who actually got hurt it was Vicki who got help immediately. She has donated many lovely Trophies for our Specialties as well judged Sweeps one yr for the Club . She also donated Trophies for the Cobo Hall shows we support the entry. I appreciate her and all the good she does.

Hi Vicki and Greg,


How can I tell you how happy and excited we are about Crissy. She is an absolute little sweetheart. At the moment, she is asleep in the bay window with the other dogs. We have a ramp to get up there and that was no challenge for her. She is eating good, sleeping good and running around the house like a crazy dog chasing the other dogs and believe it or not she can keep up. She loves to play and has discovered their toy box. There are toys all over the house. She was playing tug of war with Major a while ago.  Just wanted to let you know the money has been deposited in our checking account.


I can’t tell you enough how much we appreciate your selling us a show dog. I can’t wait to show her and thumb my nose at some people we both know but do call them friends. I hope she stuffs it to them.  Hope to see you soon,  Fred and Mary Lou.

Hi Vicki -


Good to hear from you. Vienna is Stoneriver's View of Vienna MS. Attached is the best pic I have from a long time ago. I have "cutsie" pics if you prefer, but this is the only one of her stood up.


"Got my first pup from Vicki 9 years ago and couldn't be happier with my family of Stoneriver doxies. They are beautiful representations of their breed and have made great pets.  She has been supportive, fair, and helpful with any concerns or questions I have had throughout their lives."

Dear Vicki,


The girls arrived safe and sound.  Thanks a lot for sending this two gems to us, we loved them, they are wonderful!!!

Also thank you for sending them in a so spacious crate.  We apreciate your concern about their well being.


They are very confortable in that crate and will do a pleasant trip to Brazil. They are very sweet and quite and they seem have liked me and Rochester as well as we did.  Well my friend, once more thank you for allowing us to have two more Stonerivers dachshunds.




It pleases me to say that Stoneriver Dachshunds has been an important cornerstone in my breeding program.  Currently owning a variety of Stoneriver dogs, all champions (some Canadian, some US, some dual) I can say that each has been a pleasure to own.


Whether joining me as pups or grown adults, each Stoneriver dachshund arrived with a pleasant and sound disposition, a well balanced temperament and very socially in tune. Their transition into my breeding program, my home and my heart was a very easy one. I am grateful to Vicki for sharing some of her finest dachshunds with me and have always appreciated her willingness to offer knowledge and advice from her many years of breeding experience.


Thank you Vicki and best wishes for continued success with Stoneriver Dachshunds.


Angie Hoffman

Divine Dachshunds


Vicki Stone was a very easy person to deal with. Her prices for her dogs were reasonable and when my one male didn't turn out she gave me another to replace him. My girl Sugar was bred by Vicki and has been the foundation bitch for everything at Ripley Hill. 

As some of you know, my dog, Sophie injured her back the other day. I took her to the local vet yesterday morning and was about to sign the consent to put her down when my friend, her husband, and her son begged me not to put Soph to sleep but to let them take her to their vet because he helped her with a couple of other doxie back problems.  Yesterday she couldn't use her back legs. Today she managed to get up and off her bed to take a piddle. She was on all FOUR legs! Thank you so much Vicki Stone, Gregg Stone, and Michael Cassello for loving Sophie as much as I do; taking her to your vet and home to give her the treatment, time and care she needs; and giving her a second chance when I was told I was making the right decision by putting her down. Sophie means the world to me. You are so thoughtful and selfless to give your time and effort to keep Soph comfortable and try to help her heal. Love you guys!!!

Dear Vicki,


I would love to have the opportunity to express my sincere appreciation for bringing our sweet Ella into our lives. My daughter had her heart set on a cream longhair and through some searches on the internet, we found you!!! From the beginning you have been a pleasure to work with and have become a friend.


One of our favorite parts was that you kept us updated while our little girl was growing bigger, so we could be a part of the whole process. To say that we are pleased is an understatement, we don't know what we would do without Ella. She is a beautiful, playful and very healthy girl.  Thank you so much.

When I was 16 I started my search for a dachshund breeder. I found a breeder and got my first dachshund. I fell in love with the breed and once I got deeper in my research of pedigrees and certain genetic health problems, I started my search for show breeders. I came across Stoneriver in some pedigrees and I found Vicki's website. I fell in love with "Dillon" Rose Farm's Millennium Special. After a few years I saw that my first dachshund had been getting lonely and I decided it was time to get another one.


I searched for breeders and came across Vicki's website again. I wanted to help better the breed and I wanted to get started in showing. I told Vicki what I was looking for and she helped me find the best fit. I chose Vicki because of her guarantee of sound movement and temperament.  I got Esther in September 2012. Esther is a beautiful red, with sound movement and a very sound temperament. Esther is so smart, she wants to please and she'll do anything I ask of her.

She is beautiful in every way.  Many people on the street or in the store stop me and say how beautiful she is. They say they've never seen such a beautiful dachshund. Esther's disposition when meeting new people is wonderful! She always shows her belly in hopes of getting a belly rub!  Esther gets many compliments from exhibitors sitting ring-side and the judges love her sweet, attentive personality. I couldn't have asked for a better representation of the dachshund breed! I am very happy Vicki helped my dream come true!

We had a great family dachshund of 15 years that we needed to be kind to. It was a hard decision for our family that affected us for a long while. When we decided that we were ready to look for another family dog, be it a dachshund, or not, we researched breeders within an 8 hour drive from our home. Luckily one of the breeders that caught our eye was Stoneriver Dachshunds. They had some beautiful pictures of happy, healthy, looking dogs so we figured we would give them a call. When we spoke with Vicki and explained our situation we could feel her compassion through the phone. She then invited us to come to her home and look at her dogs to help us decide if we were ready again. Wow.  Beautiful dachshund's, and all with such great demeanor!!! We got to view a recent litter, as well as a proud expecting mama, and some of the Stoneriver champions. It's clear that these dogs love their home, and owners. They are cared for very well and deeply loved, which is extremely important to us.

Vicki was immensely knowledgeable and informative about the breed. We had such a great time with the dogs, and the Stone family that we made or decision. Vicki did a great job of keeping us posted as the pregnancy progressed and sent pics once the litter arrived. She also emailed us regularly with pics and progress updates right up until the day we picked up our little guy. When we arrived to pick up "James Taylor", we were in for another surprise. Vicki sat down with us and went through everything we needed to expect, or perhaps forgot about, since last owning a pooch. She also shared with us some of her tips and tricks. :) All-in-all, I think we spent over two hours visiting and learning from her. She is fantastic. We have such a healthy, happy, handsome dog, and we cant imagine our lives without him. In fact, our vet stated that James Taylor is the best looking dachshund that he's ever seen. We have to figure LONG on walks, dog park visits, and trips to the pet store because he garners a great deal of attention. Whether you are looking for a family dog, or show dog, consider a dachshund.....if you are considering a dachshund, consider Stone River the best of the best. It was best experience we could hope for, and we are not shy about telling everyone. We will be back for sure.  Keep up the Stoneriver greatness!


Hi Vickie,


I hope this email finds your family well. I just wanted to touch base with you and let you know we are all so in love with our “Honey” she has changed all our lives. Sounds silly but we have never been as close to a pet as we are to her. She makes us all feel so loved . Even my 6’2 -21 yr old macho collage football player son melts when she greets him at the door in the evenings, until Honey I never let a dog in our beds either, lol .


She has an awesome personality and is beautiful, what an absolute joy and gift she has been to us all, she is truly part of our family.  




Hey Vicki-


Just wanted to let you know Toby is doing so wonderful! We love him so much! He runs around with our dog and plays till his tongue hangs out.


They get along great and he's been a perfect addition to the family :)


Take care, Anne and Rob Wessel


Hey Vicky:


How are you? We moved to London!!! Here is great Bella is having a great time! I just wanted to share with you that Bella is in The Dogist Book!!!


We are super happy! I'll attach the picture!! Vicky I have no words to say how grateful I am to have her in my life, she is so sweet, great her so much!!! Hope everything is fine!! Kind regards, Lara Eckmann


Hi Vicki!!
Thanks so much for bringing so much happiness to our family! We love our doggies!!!!

Hi Ladies:  I want to thank you all for your help in me finding my next Dachshund puppy.  Because of your assistance I was able to secure a puppy from Sue Hough in Michigan and I couldn't be happier.  Now comes the torment of waiting until I can bring her home.  Dachshund breeders are the best and you three are the cream of the crop. 


Thanks so much.  Charley

We named her Peony! We love her! Thank you so much Vicki!  Nell and William

My handsome baby Kingsley is doing great!!!! He is enjoying Texas. Oh I love him SOOOO much!💙

Hi Ladies:  I want to thank you all for your help in me finding my next Dachshund puppy.  Because of your assistance I was able to secure a puppy from Sue Hough in Michigan and I couldn't be happier.  Now comes the torment of waiting until I can bring her home.  Dachshund breeders are the best and you three are the cream of the crop. 


Thanks so much.  Charley

We named her Peony! We love her! Thank you so much Vicki!  Nell and William

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